Midtown Optometry Prides itself in carrying the latest and most advanced lens options available, not only in our lens technologies but also in the lens material itself.


Polycarbonate is thinner and more lightweight than Plastic lenses, with added impact resistance and natural UV protection. Polycarbonate was originally developed for fighter jet cockpits and now is used mostly in Sunglass lenses and for Outdoor lifestyles.


Trivex provides the perfect combination of optical quality, lightweight comfort, strength and protection—the critical performance characteristics called for in everyday living. Trivex has the impact resistance and inherent UV protection of polycarbonate. With a lower index of refraction, thus making it feel lighter on the face.


High-index lenses are much thinner than Polycarbonate and Trivex. They are generally recommended for people who have significantly high refractive errors and strong prescriptions for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. High-index lenses have thinner edges even at high powers, which opens up a wider selection of frame styles for those with stronger prescriptions.Talk with your doctor to decide which high index lens is right for you.