anti-reflective-coating article
Anti-Reflective Lenses

antireflectiveWhen eyeglass lenses reflect screen glare and other light sources, this reduces visual clarity and obscures others’ view of our eyes. Our anti glares are designed to effectively overcome this – so you can look good, see sharp and feel great. Anti-glare doesn't just solve unwanted reflections however, our anti glares improve lens durability, with added hydrophobic and anti static protection to prevent dust and smudging. At Midtown Optometry, our anti glares include extra UV protection both from the coating and embedded in the material that prevents harmful rays from being reflected into the eyes. It blocks UV from incoming light and light reflected off rear lens surfaces in all indexes. Anti-reflective coatings increase light transmission through the lenses to 99.5 percent. They make it easier to see and easier for others to see you. These coatings are especially useful for those viewing computer screens and driving at night.